The Presidential Prayer Team introduces USPRAY100TM - a nation-wide call to all who believe in the power of prayer to commit to praying for President Donald Trump and his administration during the first 100 days in office.

Sign up at any time to receive early morning daily "Presidential Prayer Briefing" by email. It contains news and information gathered from our relationships established in Washington, D.C. and inside the White House, encouraging participants to pray for those trending items. Not only that, participants will get a daily devotional encouraging and inspiring their prayer life and a weekly e-magazine with stories and additional prayer needs for our congressional and capital leaders.

Help Us Build Prayer Support for Our President.

Over 80,100 are already receiving the daily briefing and growing by thousands more every week. How about You?

"I love the new format - the prayer reminders, it is a great publication. Thanks for all your do.  We are praying!!"  - Camie

"Thank you so much for all that you do, especially for the Daily Presidential Prayer Briefing along with the President’s schedule, news and prayer points, and your inspiring teachings along with such appropriate scriptures."

"For me, the photographs added to the news and prayer points help me get a better focus in prayer for the needs that you share. Thank you for continuing to help us be aware of prayer needs."  - Gene S.

It is always FREE, you may join or cancel at anytime. No Advertising, No Pop-ups and No Promotions. Just information and encouragement you can trust!

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Since 2001, The Presidential Prayer Team has served over 6.4 million Americans with encouragement and inspiration to pray for our President, our nation and its leaders. Learn more about The Presidential Prayer Team

The Presidential Prayer Team believes that Almighty God rules over the affairs of men and moves in response to the prayers of His people. So, with unflinching devotion, members of The Presidential Prayer Team are at work every day to raise the shield of prayer over our nation.        

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